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We are constantly looking for the best ways to engage our customers!
Because we love spoiling you.

Green laundry and dry cleaning

We're a perc free facility. We use green cleaning methods that are safe for the environment, easy on your skin, and rejuvenating for your garments.

Reusable garment bags and hanger recycling

Regular customers enjoy Blue Garment Bags that convert into laundry bags. It protects your clothes and the environment! We also recycle hangers so don't let them pile up, schedule a pickup and one of our drivers will come get them.

Text Message Alerts

We text you when we pick an order up, drop an order off or just want to check in so text us when you want to point out a stain, ask about an order or simply want to say hi!

Online Digital Wardrobes

We digitize your dry cleaning garments. You can access your digital wardrobe from any phone, tablet or computer. Now you really can pick out your outfit from bed.

Real-time Clothes Tracker

Keep track of your laundry from virtually anywhere.

Email receipts & invoices

Lets cut down our carbon footprint and go digital and go fast.


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Free Delivery

Whether you are at work or home Orth will fly to you at no cost.

dry clean often?

Try our Route Service
Here are some of the perks

We text you the night before to remind you we're coming

Dont have
anything for us?
respond "no"

Leave your clothes on your porch (or we can give a hook for your door)

We'll return your order to a safe location in a blue Orth reuseable garment bag

It's Free! And you can manage it all from your phone

We text you when your order is ready!

From there you can have your order delivered to home or work with 3 simple clicks.