Orth Cleaners | What're You Going To Do With All That Time?
What're You Going To Do With All That Time?
What're You Going To Do With All That Time?

So, Orth's speedy pickup-and-delivery service has left you with a lot of time on your hands. Have you ever considered how long?

Being generous with my calculations, let's say that someone washing their clothes, and perhaps their spouses' or children's clothes, spends an average of four hours a week on laundry. (Gathering, sorting, washing, and folding take time.) With Orth removing that burden, this person is left with 208 extra hours in a year, or nine day's worth of free time.

Nine days! What can you do with all that time? Here are some suggestions:

1. Read Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace or some other lengthy, life-changing novel, typically exclusive to those with a life of leisure.

2. Catch up on a favorite show or begin a new one. Did you know it would only take you approximately 72 hours to watch the entirety of The Sopranos?

3. Learn a new skill. Make your way through Julia Childe's Mastering the Art of French Cooking or take an Adobe Photoshop tutorial course. Dazzle your friends with new know-hows!

4. Go shopping. You have a little extra free time on your hands. Why not go purchase that new television or that dining set you've been looking at for so long?

5. Make time for yoga. Infuse your life with a relaxing regimen of yoga, arguably the healthiest dose of mental stabilization available (next to sleeping, of course).

6. Try your hand at a 9000 piece jigsaw puzzle. We recommend the Underwater Paradise puzzle from the legendary Ravensburger.

7. Build a model. Barnes and Noble carries an incredible selection of unique models themed after major franchises from pop culture. It's definitely a start!

8. Make art. This would be an optimal time to flex your artistic muscles. Perhaps this is a chance to create a legendary piece of art or pen the next great American novel!

9. Call old friends or out-of-touch relatives. Facebook is a mediocre form of familial communication. It's amazing what a phone call can do for out-of-touch relationships.

10. Take on an extra freelance project. 208 extra hours of freelance time is starting to sound a lot like an opening cash register drawer. Seeing dollar signs yet?


It's rainy season, guys, and that usually means lots of polyester apparel choices in the near future. Polyester is a very strong and durable material that is highly resistant to stretching and shrinking (think to that sturdy fiber blended into your weather-resistant clothing). While it takes a medal in the field of integrity, it is highly susceptible to stains. You'll want to monitor spills around your polyester and be ready to react when sullied. Treat stains quickly and effectively by saturating the area with a stain-remover for about 15 minutes before washing. Check your clothing tags, though, as certain polyester and poly-blends need to be taken to a dry cleaner. If that's the case, you're in luck: you can schedule an Orth pickup from your phone or computer!