Orth Cleaners | The Bow Tie: A Return to Gentleman's Fashion
The Bow Tie: A Return to Gentleman's Fashion
by Alan Venable
Bow Tie

With neckwear serving as the focal point of your clothing ensemble, what does yours say about you? The traditional tie? Humble and timid. The skinny tie? Fun, but responsible. Men seeking to personify confidence, intellect, and class, though, should look to the bow tie, an iconic symbol that is undergoing a mighty resurgence in men's fashion.

While the bow tie trend skipped a couple of generations (namely from the late 1960s on forward), 2010 ushered in its lively rebirth in casual fashion. News source The Telegraph reported that in 2010, bow tie sales increased by 94 percent, accounting for 14 percent of all tie purchases. Demand spiked again after major department stores such as Macy's, Kohl's, and JCPenney implemented a greater selection in both their professional and casual dress departments. With trend statistics rising, more men began taking the opportunity to experiment in the fashion without the pressure of feeling like isolated radicals.

Although recent media has broadcasted a singular representation, don't be persuaded into believing that the bow tie is reserved exclusively for hipsters, Millennials, or individuals sporting suspenders and horn-rimmed glasses. Instead, reflect on the connotation of dapperness that has surrounded the bow tie for well over a century. Beyond channeling the energy of suave enthusiasts such as Frank Sinatra, Winston Churchill,Bow Tie black and Humphrey Bogart, it serves to compliment swank contemporaries like Brad Pitt, David Beckham, and Daniel Craig, too. But it isn't restrictive to tuxedoed occasions. Throw on some jeans, roll up the sleeves of your favorite button-up, and add a bow tie. A dash of class on the casual is fetching.

Bow ties were initially credited as a solution to the predicament of traditional ties hindering work involving extreme amounts of movement and hands-on activity. In the absence of long bits of hanging fabric, doctors, technicians, and other manual laborers discovered means of maintaining effective, professional attire in the workplace. Whether buyers held preconceptions or experienced post-purchase epiphanies, the original, practical values of the bow tie have resurfaced and continue to positively influence skeptics.

And if the idea of flashy, modern bow tie patterns makes you uncomfortable, you're in luck. Current department store stocks prove that gaudy and loud prints are far less common than typical solid, striped,

Bow Tie red

or plaid-patterned fabrics. You can rest more easily knowing that indulgence does not necessitate outfitting blinding colors and chaotic decoration.

Recent trends, though, have indicated appropriate environments that support relatively loud bow ties. The science educator Bill Nye, for example, has built a positive reputation for his bow tie selection (including patterns of planets and polka dots), which gives his lessons an extra quirk of creative personality. As hard as it is to believe, whether modest or monstrous, every bow tie has its own suitable occasion.

Whatever the incentive for purchase, bow ties have redeveloped into a trend that is building a ton of momentum. Dhani Jones summed up the steam behind the force when he said, "When you wear a bow tie, doors open for you. Your posture is a little more erect; your shoulders are a little further back; your style is a little more dynamic. It's about the reestablishment of the gentleman."

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