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Store Off-Season Wardrobes at Orth
What're You Going To Do With All That Time?

With winter right around the corner and all those stacks of summer clothes staring you down, useless for at least a season, you may want to consider the idea of storing portions of your wardrobe.

Storing clothes comes with its own set of precautions and guidelines, however. Light, for instance, is one of your biggest foes. Clothes left in direct contact, or worse, partial contact, are typically discovered with bleeding or faded colors and patterns. Moths, an equally pesty foe, are prone to finding ways into your boxes and closets. Naphthalene is hardly pleasing to the senses, either. With other bothersome factors like moisture and aromas taken into account, it's clear you need an easy, foolproof solution for storage.

Orth is the answer. Come store your off-season wardrobe at one of Orth's regional locations to ensure that your clothes come out cleaner and in better shape after hibernation. Where else do you have that option?

At Orth, our methods of storage are technologically advanced and safe for your clothes. What's more, enjoy the ability to log into your Orth account from your phone, computer, or tablet and browse through your digital wardrobe, which safely houses record of your items and transactions.

If you're looking for a safe, effective method of storing your clothes this winter, give Orth a call!


It's rainy season, guys, and that usually means lots of polyester apparel choices in the near future. Polyester is a very strong and durable material that is highly resistant to stretching and shrinking (think to that sturdy fiber blended into your weather-resistant clothing). While it takes a medal in the field of integrity, it is highly susceptible to stains. You'll want to monitor spills around your polyester and be ready to react when sullied. Treat stains quickly and effectively by saturating the area with a stain-remover for about 15 minutes before washing. Check your clothing tags, though, as certain polyester and poly-blends need to be taken to a dry cleaner. If that's the case, you're in luck: you can schedule an Orth pickup from your phone or computer!