Orth Cleaners | Get Ready, Philly!
Get Ready, Philly!

While the rest of the world barbequed and tanned this summer, Orth Cleaners worked tirelessly to ensure the features and accommodations we offer will shock and awe the good people of Philadelphia. Great, revolutionary things are coming! You may be wondering why all the hubbub over a dry cleaning service? We'll have you know two things: One, dry cleaning is a common routine amongst many individuals across the world and is ready for a technological makeover. And two, Orth isn't just any dry cleaning service.

By taking the hint from modern advances in smartphones, tablets, and computers, Orth tapped into resources that make the laundering process extremely simple and user-friendly. Check out our three-step process if you don't believe us:

1. Schedule a pickup and delivery time: Sign into your Orth account using either your phone number or email address and manage your dry cleaning on the provided profile. Schedule a time and location for Orth to pick up and drop off from the comfort of your couch!

2. Kill some time until tomorrow: Browsing through the dry cleaning history on your Orth account can only entertain for so long. Grab some food. Perhaps catch up on some sleep or conduct a movie night. Orth makes sure you get your laundry in a flash with next-day delivery but can only suggest how you spend all that extra worry-free time.

3. Answer the door: We text you when your order is ready so that you can anticipate our arrival. Only telepathy could make our process any easier.

Interested in learning more about Orth? Visit our services page to see how we work or create an account to get started. For upcoming promotions, subscribe to Orth's newsletter.

Gym Tip Inner
Workout Attire

Chances are, you don't wash your gym clothes immediately after using them. This means that at some point, for some undetermined length of time, those sweaty clothes will sit festering in a pile or basket somewhere. Not good. Instead, hang up sweaty clothes on a rack or hook to air-dry as leaving them in a pile will promote mildew growth. (You may want to designate a special space outside to hang your garments.) Take care of sweaty clothes as soon as possible. Put a few tablespoons of baking soda in your sneakers post-workout to help with the smell and excess moisture. To treat undergarments, soak them in bucket or sink with a safe, at-home concoction of vinegar and water.