Orth Cleaners | Five Ways to Repurpose Your Wedding Dress
Something Renewed: Five Ways to Repurpose Your Wedding Dress
By Sarah Ulicny
Wedding Dress

You scoured every bridal shop, circled your favorites in the magazines, and decided, at last, on that one perfect dress. It was the dress of your dreams. It was the dress that carried you down the aisle to your beloved. But now it's the dress in your parents' attic draped over the saddle of your old wooden rocking horse. Why let it languish when it represents such an important commitment?

Here are some creative ways to give your dress a new life:

That white satin and lace is great for other important occasions, too. Consider reusing the material to fashion christening / baptism gowns for the infants in the family. This is a special way to honor and connect both occasions.

Give your dress to charity. Brides across America and Brides against Breast Cancer are just two of the many non-profits that offer free or low-cost wedding dresses to brides who otherwise couldn't afford them. Making a new bride feel as special and beautiful as you felt is a fitting tribute to the dress.

If you're hoping to save the dress for your daughter to wear when it's her turn to walk down the aisle, you'll need to store it carefully in a cool, dry place. Orth offers superior dry-cleaning, alteration and repair services to ensure that when your daughter's big day comes the dress will be just as beautiful as it was the first time.

You love the dress so much, it's a shame you only got to wear it once. Most wedding gowns would stick out sorely at parties and family functions. With a few alterations, however, you can turn a one-time-one-place gown into a gorgeous any-occasion dress.

Yes, that's right. The Trash the Dress trend is gaining steam. Here's how it's done: Hire a photographer. Get all dolled up as if it were your wedding day again and trash the dress for the camera. How do you trash it? For a free-spirited approach, take a roll in the dirt, jump in puddles, play with paint, glitter and scissors. If you have kids, why not steal a page from Angelina Jolie and let them cover the dress with their art-work. For a more sophisticated photo-shoot, take a dip in a beautiful lake at sunrise (or moonrise) to capture an ethereal image. Of course, if you have second thoughts a little too late, Orth Cleaners can help!

No Plastic for Wedding Dresses
No Plastic for Wedding Dresses

Most fabric experts agree that plastic garment bags are not a good long-term storage solution for wedding dresses. Short-term storage in plastic bags is acceptable but, over time, plastic may release chemicals that can seep into wedding dresses and cause stains and/or undesirable odors. Selecting an acid-free preservation container (either a box or the hanging sort) is best!